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Aid/abet works with innovative brewers to set up small breweries.

Led by Mike Van Hall, and partnering with Jonathan Staples, we provide financial assistance for brewing equipment and expertise in marketing and technical matters during buildout. In doing so, we help solve the practical problems of getting started so that we can focus on building breweries where creativity isn't overshadowed by investor goals and success isn't driven by commodity beer.

Check out the first brewery to join our ranks, Pen Druid Brewing, scheduled to open in spring 2015.

to brewers

We deal in ideas that others don't have the guts or imagination to back. We don't dissect 50-page business plans - don't even show those to us. We want to be thrilled by your beer and convinced of your passion so that together we can make an awesome beer company that will fascinate people.

If you would like to share your ideas, please send us an email at: hey (at)